About Us

Heyward Hawkins, Sr. founded Hawkins & Associates in 1974.
While the company initially sold pipe, valves and fittings as well as water treatment equipment, the company expanded product offerings in 1986 to include LMI pumps and accessories. Hawkins & Associates continues to grow, priding itself on the expansive array of products it offers its customers.

Mr. Hawkins ran the company until his passing in 1991, when Heyward A. “Buddy” Hawkins, Jr. assumed the role of President / CEO.  Buddy’s innovative thinking changed how the company operated, taking it from a commission based rep agency to a stocking distributor.

At Hawkins & Associates, we believe that service is what distinguishes us from others in our industry.  As a Master Stocking Distributor, we work closely with our manufacturers, always ensuring that we have the correct amount of inventory to meet our customers’ needs.

We specialize in integrating our products into a customized system, employing the latest technologies that are tailored to our customers' needs. When the system is completed, we conduct a quality check to assure all components are functioning properly.

We emphasize quality in our products AND our workmanship, striving to make every aspect of your experience positive.  Our combined experience among sales, technical support and repair evaluation personnel totals 70 years, and has been the foundation of our success.



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